Want life changing transformation for just £10 a month?

My self-development book club is my worst-kept secret, and it’s transforming lives. Countless members have experienced profound changes through the power of our book club. Together, we embark on this high-vibe journey as a supportive community. And the best part? It costs just £10 a month. Join us and start your transformation today!


What do I get?

Curated Book Selection

Each month, we choose incredible and diverse books that will transform your life and together we vote on the book we would like to do next.

Chapter-by-chapter Coaching

I guide you through each chapter, summarising key points, reading standout sections, and walking you through exercises with a fun podcast episode per chapter.

Engaging Community

Join the amazing community of Book Club Bitches who will keep you accountable and cheer you on. We share our progress and ideas to help each other. Life long friends have been made and self-organised local meet-ups happen regularly.

Want to join my inner circle?

I’m Francesca Amber, and I’m here to be your personal trainer for self-development books! Sure, anyone can go buy a book and leave it unread on their shelf for years. It’s like you could run around the park every morning at 7 am – but will you? With me by your side, I ensure you not only pick up those books but also get the most out of them.

Why should you join?

Imagine your life in just a year’s time after dedicating time and energy to your mindset makeover…

Relationships with friends and family are easier and more joyful.
Your career is blossoming and you find yourself spending more time doing work that truly lights you up.
Your home becomes a sanctuary for you to restore and recharge, your environment starts supporting you in living the life you want.
Your body becomes a temple you cherish and you witness your health grow and grow.
Your finances dramatically transform as you learn the secrets of money mindset & begin embodying the wealthy woman.
You spend more time doing things purely for joy and your life flourishes as a result.
People notice you are glowing, you just seem happier… is it a new man? No, it’s a new mindset.

Book Club Bitch Membership

£10 per month

Join today and get access to:

  • Curated book selection with a new book chosen each month 
  • Chapter-by-chapter coaching in podcast form
  • Access to a community of like-minded people on the same journey as you

How does it work?

1. Subscribe. Join the club and get access to the full back catalogue and future episodes.

2. Get your books. E-book or physical, whatever you prefer, buy the book if you would like to follow along!

3. Engage. Join our Facebook group of like-minded Book Club Bitches to join discussions and make life-long friends.

Not a reader? Listen to the book on Audible and get your first book absolutely free! Click here for a free trial